Planning Permission Refused for Broadford Works

We are of course disappointed by the news that planning permission has been refused for Broadford Works in Aberdeen.

The site consists of the largest collection of Category 'A' listed buildings at risk in Scotland and has huge potential to regenerate the local area of Aberdeen. The proposed scheme for the site was carefully put together and is fully backed by a cross-sector Steering Group including us, the site owner, a range of expert consultants and Historic Scotland.

This is an important collection of historic buildings and to allow it to sit redundant, unused and derelict puts this heritage at risk as well as missing an opportunity to provide jobs, bolster the local economy and provide new facilities for the community.

It is definitely a set back for Broadford Works but we will continue to explore ways to secure a sustainable future for the site. We have a great deal of experience restoring and reopening redundant buildings and bringing them back into the community - and we see a greal deal of potential in Broadford. We hope to secure a positive outcome for the site by continuing to work with Aberdeen City Council and relevant stakeholders.