Bletchley Park secures HLF grant

We are delighted that the world-renowned heritage site, Bletchley Park, has secured a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund. 

This site housed code-breakers from World War II - their expertise and tireless commitment played a huge role in shortening World War II. It is fantastic news that this site will now be fully interpreted, restored and revitalised for future generations - to be able to remember the sacrifice that people made.

Ros Kerslake, Chief Executive of The Prince’s Regeneration Trust said: "We have assembled for Bletchley Park a great team of consultants, twelve firms in all. Together with the trustees, we have worked up a new master plan for Bletchley’s historic site. Once complete, visitors will find navigating the rambling wartime site easier, more intuitive. The interpretation of the site will be accessible but not dumb-down the remarkable stories to be told here. More focussed displays will explain just why what happened in Bletchley’s humble utilitarian huts changed world history.”



Press Release