Cambrian Mountain Initiative

We are part of a wider initiative to support the rural community of the Cambrian Mountains.

This area has a rich and diverse historic environment with a wide variety of building materials and building types. The built heritage is an essential part of the rural landscape of the Cambrian communities.

The overall purpose of the Initiative is to safeguard the sustainability of rural communities living in the heartland of rural Wales. It aims to connect local producers to the marketplace, promote the area as a visitor destination and care for the environment including ensuring the survival of important buildings at risk.

The historic environment in the Cambrian Mountains illustrates the patterns of economic and social change: from the sheep farming of the upland areas, to the development of railway towns such as Llandovery, to the lead industry of Cwm Ystwyth and the coal mining of the Carmarthenshire valleys.

We seek to encourage the repair and continued use of farmhouses and their associated farm buildings. To better understand the area we have started characterising the farmsteads by establishing patterns and themes, to make the heritage clearer and better appreciated. To date we have surveyed around 530 farmsteads, smallholdings and cottages.

We are using our experience with the North Highlands Initiative to inform this project. The sustainability of upland farms is vital to the future of the communities of the Cambrian Mountains. We continue to work with local stakeholders to ensure the area’s rich and varied built environment is suitably adapted to support the community.