Bass Maltings, Sleaford

Vast and complex industrial site on the outskirts of Sleaford. 

The Maltings were built by Bass Breweries at the start of the 20th century and were the largest of their kind in the country. Some of the buildings still contain equipment of the former malting processes.

We have worked closely with North Kesteven District Council to find viable new uses for this hugely important industrial site. The site owner, Gladedale Homes, has developed a proposal to convert the buildings into a mixed-use site, creating an exciting new 'quarter' in Sleaford. Proposals include both residential and enterprise schemes that will benefit the local community. Our role has been to advise on design and conservation issues and undertake extensive public consultations on appropriate new uses.

Once access issues to the site are resolved the buildings will be refurbished to preserve their essential character. The remaining equipment will be preserved to illustrate the malting process to visitors. The site is challenging due to its size and complexity but it is of huge historic significance and its successful restoration could be of substantial benefit to the community of Sleaford. It is a magnificent site and we are very positive and hopeful of its successful redevelopment as a community asset.