Anchor Mill, Paisley

Magnificent industrial site saved and developed into apartments and business space.

Anchor Mills closed in the 1980s and rapidly fell into dereliction. Its abandonment and neglect was a physical illustration of the wider industrial and economic decline of the area.

The area played a key role in the global cotton industry but due to rapid industrial decline, the Mill became empty in 1980. After much difficulty finding a way to restore the site, the local authority contacted us in 1999 to find a viable contemporary use that would make a major contribution to the regeneration of the town centre. It was clear that this project could only succeed with dedicated and collaborative partnership working, so we set up a steering group that would prove vital in driving the project forward. This involved the owner, Renfrewshire Council, Scottish Enterprise Renfrewshire and Historic Scotland. 

Funding came in from Historic Scotland and Scottish Enterprise Renfrewshire. The construction work began in June 2003. The restoration respected the original structure of the buildings and made good use of the final central, colonial style atrium to maximise natural light and ventilation. 

In June 2005, our President, His Royal Highness, officially opened the site.