Practical Lime Training Day

Practical Lime Training Day at The Old Duchy Palace project in Lostwithiel.

We are hugely excited about this fascinating open event at our project, The Old Duchy Palace, in Lostwithiel. This is a practical lime training day - open to homeowners, tradesmen and anyone interested in learning more about this wonderful craft

It will be held on Friday 2nd and 9th November at the Old Duchy Palace - from 9.30 am until 4pm.

The Cornish Lime Company, supported by us and Carrek Historic Building Conservation, are putting on the event. The session will cover the use of lime in historic buildings and specifically its use during the current renovation of the Old Duchy Palace. The cost for each session will be £10 which includes lunch and tea. 

Anyone who would like to come or find out more - please get in touch with the Harry Wardill - 020 3262 0560 (

Please do spread the word amongst friends and family!