BRICK workshops are being held around the UK (Photo: Peter Byrne)

BRICK Roadshow comes to Exeter

Heritage experts from The Prince’s Regeneration Trust (PRT) are bringing their regeneration roadshow to Exeter to help local groups save the buildings they love.

The leading regeneration charity will be hosting its 21st BRICK workshop in Exeter Community Centre on Wednesday 11 May.

The three-year BRICK roadshow provides expert advice and support to community groups and not-for-profit organisations involved in heritage-led regeneration projects.

Places can be booked at or by contacting The Prince’s Regeneration Trust on 020 3262 0560 or

The Exeter workshop will include expert training from specialists at The Prince’s Regeneration Trust, Duchy of Cornwall Estates, Real Ideas Organisation, Purcell Architects and Totnes Community Development Society. Talks will focus on ways to develop your project including looking at sustainable futures for local historic buildings. Delegates will learn about how to grow their organisation’s confidence, how to identify new uses for projects and how to work with heritage in community-led development projects.

There will also be interactive group sessions and opportunities for attendees to ask the experts about their own projects.

Chief Executive of The Prince’s Regeneration Trust, Ros Kerslake OBE, said: ‘We are thrilled to be holding our 21st BRICK workshop in Exeter. There is a remarkable collection of buildings in this part of the country, rich in history and atmosphere but far too many of them are in danger of being lost forever. Community groups can play a vital role in taking on the revival of these important local assets, as seen here at the Exeter Community Centre. I would urge any community groups interested in a heritage regeneration project to attend the workshop. This is a great opportunity to learn from experts, network with other similar organisations and be inspired to move your vision forward.’

The day will include an informal tour of the Exeter Community Centre, which is now owned and run by the Exeter Community Centre Trust, a registered charity. In 2003 the local community put the Exeter Community Centre at the heart if its ‘Vision for St David’s’ when it learned that the building would be closed and sold to developers.

After lengthy negotiation over many years Devon County Council agreed to transfer the building to the community under the condition that it raised £1.6 million of backlog maintenance to refurbish the ageing building. In 2010 the group was finally successful in receiving grant and loan funding from the Community Builders Programme, run by the Social Investment Business – a central government agency.

Jacky Lock, from the Exeter Community Centre, said: “We were lucky to have a strong local community presence that saw the value of this great historic building. It has been through this great community’s determination that we have been able to create the Exeter Community Centre, which is now run by the Exeter Community Trust. We are so pleased The Prince's Regeneration Trust is running their BRICK workshop in here. This workshop is a great way for people to network and to gain the skills and know-how to save more important local buildings like the Community Centre.”




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