15th BRICK Workshop coming to Northern Ireland

PRT will be bringing its regeneration roadshow to Northern Ireland when it hosts the 15th BRICK workshop in Derry/Londonderry on Wednesday 14th October.

The event aims to provide expert advice and support to community groups and not-for-profit organisations across Northern Ireland that are involved in heritage-led regeneration projects.

PRT’s BRICK education programme seeks to equip community groups with the necessary skills and expertise to save and reuse cherished local buildings as well as to build a better future for their communities.  

There are currently about 500 buildings and monuments of architectural and historic interest at risk and suitable for restoration in Northern Ireland, according to the latest figures from the Built Heritage at Risk Northern Ireland Register[1].

The total includes 25 buildings at risk in Derry/Londonderry and its suburbs, including the early 19th century Learmount Castle and Old Waterside Train Station, built in 1852.

The workshop is being held in the Inner City Trust offices at 31-33 Shipquay Street, from 10am to 4.30pm. The Grade B listed building, built in 1741 as a customs and excise house serving the nearby port, is one of Derry/Londonderry’s most historic buildings.

The workshop can be booked by calling 020 3262 0560, or go to: http://brick-work.org/events/brick-workshop-15-londonderry/

[1] http://www.uahs.org.uk/built-heritage-at-risk-register-northern-ireland/, the Northern Ireland Environment Agency and the Ulster Architectural Heritage Society. Across the UK as a whole, more than 20,000 listed buildings are at risk, according to the latest figures.



BRICK Derry Press Release