Middleport Pottery history

Free evening of history talks at Middleport Pottery

Join us for an evening of free history talks from experts, including the BBC Antiques Roadshow’s ceramics expert and PRT ambassador, Steven Moore. The event, Middleport in Motion, aims to highlight the ongoing appeal to raise money for the Pottery's historic steam engine. The speakers will explain the story of how the Pottery, built in 1888, was once a model Victorian factor, as well as its significance to industrial heritage today. Steven will introduced the event, which will feature talks from local historian Fred Hughes, industrial heritage expert Ian Bapty, and Middleport Pottery volunteer Phil Wright, who once worked on the engine.
The free evening, at Middleport Pottery’s restored visitor centre, offers wine and food and takes place on Thursday August 20th, from 7pm to 9pm.
For more information, email middleport@princes-regeneration.org, or call 01782 499766.


Middleport in Motion poster