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Templeton's Carpet Factory — Glasgow

Building: Templeton's Carpet Factory
Location: Glasgow
Region: Scotland
Listed status:
Photograph - Templeton's Carpet Factory, Glasgow (21k)

Former use (incl. architectural history)

The magnificent building overlooks Glasgow Green. The facade, designed by William Leiper, 1888, which reflect the facade of the Doges' Palace in Venice, vividly advertised the oriental dyed wares that were produced within. Behind the facade was a functional mill designed by mill engineers, Messrs J B Harvey.

New uses

Templeton Business Centre.

Community issues

Glasgow was perhaps the first city in Europe to experience the implications of post-industrial decline. In a short space of time more than 20,000 jobs were lost as a result of a decline in the engineering industries. Subsidiary industries suffered equally as badly.


Scottish Development Agency (now disbanded).


Charles Robertson & Partners.

Construction schedule


Sources of funding

The factory was renovated as part of the Glasgow East End Project — GEAR, which was the responsibility of the Scottish Development Agency. The project started in 1976 and its area covered 1600 hectares in the city. The SDA's investment was financed by borrowing, within a limit set by the Scottish Office.

Conservation issues

An early project for the preservation and conversion of an important historic building into a business centre.

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